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All of our instructors have over 25 years in the firearms industry in hunting, sport shooting, competition and personal safety training. We are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and your neighbors. Our primary focus is to train you to protect yourselves and your families from harm. As a law-abiding citizen we have the right to feel safe whether at home, on the street, or in the workplace. 

We will provide you with the training, tools, mindset, and techniques necessary to be able to react quickly and succinctly during a Home Defense or Personal Protection situation. Our
instructors will provide you with hands-on firearms training with a common sense approach. You will learn how to handle, load, fire, and store your firearm safely. 

We are located in the greater Jacksonville/St. Augustine FL area. All of our classes take place at the Ancient City Shooting Range just off I-95S, Exit 318 in St. Augustine, FL

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I really enjoyed your 2 classes that I took last weekend. I didn't realize how much I did not know until I took your classes. I think my knowledge and skill level is a lot better than it was. Your presentation of the skills and techniques were great. I look forward to taking some of your other classes in the future.”


For More Information or to Schedule Training, please contact   |   Phone: (904) 629-3490 or Email: info@practicaltacticalfirearms.com
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